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November 23
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December 21
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December 24
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The mission of The Bridge Academy is to educate and empower students with educational learning disabilities to reach their fullest potential through a comprehensive program developed around each child’s individual needs.

Our school serves students between the ages of 8 and 18 of average or higher intellectual potential and a diagnosed learning disability. While we are not an appropriate school for those with primary emotional or behavioral issues, our philosophy is to help students who, despite their best efforts, are frustrated by the failure of previous instructional strategies. We know that the best way to reinvigorate these students and give them renewed self-esteem is to give them knowledgeable instructors who care deeply about them, work collaboratively with them to identify their needs, and teach them according to the way they learn.

The curriculum at The Bridge Academy is tailored to meet the individual needs, learning styles and Individual Education Program (IEP) of each student in an ongoing manner. Our goal is both to remediate student weaknesses and teach independent learning strategies such as studying and organizing on their own. To reach this goal, a strong emphasis is placed on professional staff development with a focus on assessment design and analysis. Effective assessment is an ongoing part of diagnostic teaching which insures better delivery of services. Teachers work with students to implement remediation strategies to address individual weaknesses in reading, writing, math, organizational and study skills. Content area teachers present challenging, grade appropriate material and employ multi-sensory teaching techniques to foster learning and mastery of skills and content. Small group instruction spans the curriculum so students receive a high degree of direct, individualized instruction and feedback. The curriculum committee develops unique curriculum utilizing the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and reflective of best practices for our special needs population.

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