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Student Expectations

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The Bridge Academy is committed to providing and reinforcing a school climate that fosters learning, respect and safety for all. Well-structured lessons, predictable schedules and clear expectations all help to provide a structured, supportive environment. As a result of this effort, we have had only a few behavioral difficulties demonstrated by our students.

Students are expected to behavior in a responsible, respectful, safe manner at all times. We have established and communicated seven identified "Learning Foundations" that serve as the school guide for student expectations leading to academic success.

The Bridge Academy also provides professional development activities for our staff to expand and enhance their understanding and intervention strategies for students experiencing attention, emotional or behavioral difficulties. These intervention strategies include positive reinforcement, redirection, frequent reminders, physical cues, self-checklists, tangible rewards, conferencing with the student, restructuring the class, reducing the assignment, parent conferences and limiting the choices as examples. When students do experience more severe behavioral problems, they are addressed through conferencing, problem solving, counseling services and joint communications with parents and case managers as appropriate.

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