November 22
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November 23
School Closed - Thanksgiving
December 21
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December 24
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December 25
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Mission and Purpose

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The Bridge Academy is a not for profit corporation organized and operated exclusively:

To educate and empower students with language-based learning disabilities to reach their fullest potential through a comprehensive program developed around each child's individual needs.

 Orton-Gillingham serves as the foundation of the language arts program utilizing a 3:1 student-staff ratio, while small group instruction spans the curriculum. Multi-sensory teaching techniques are employed to address individual learning styles while a supportive and nurturing environment fosters each student's academic and social growth.

The school serves students of average or higher intellectual potential who have language-based learning disabilities and do not have behavioral issues as their primary handicapping condition. When students do experience behavioral issues, they will be addressed through positive reinforcement and counseling services.

Students exit the program either by graduating or by meeting criteria agreed upon by school and sending districts personnel, and parents. The school serves students of all race, creed, national origin, sex and economic groups.

The curriculum includes language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, physical education/health, career orientation, speech, counseling and occupational therapy, and the use of computers and technology.

Opportunities for student involvement in non-academic and extra-curricular services and activities are encouraged and provided through periodic, school sponsored events as well as student participation in sports and events sponsored at and by the sending districts.

As the schedule allows, students aged 14 and older are enrolled in Career Orientations, designed to explore school to post school activities, including vocational training, career exploration, and entry into community or 4-year colleges.

All content area curricula are aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and follow the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

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