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Art, physical education/health and music complete the core curriculum for each student at The Bridge Academy. These subjects are often areas in which our students can demonstrate talents where they readily feel a sense of accomplishment and personal success.

The art curriculum spans exposure to a variety of technique and medium to studying specific artists and cultural art. Graphic arts software is taught as part of the art curriculum and is offered to the youngest through those in high school level classes. Students learn how to self-express language and ideas through art. Students in the upper grades can also choose a focused elective in art, performing art or physical education.

Physical Education/Health provides the students with a well-rounded curriculum. The physical education curriculum includes non-competitive games, team sports, individual sports, personal fitness and social games with an emphasis on sportsmanship, teamwork, cooperation and reaching personal goals. Health education content includes safety, drug education, family living, healthy living, making personal choices, current events, environmental factors and body systems. Cross content study and organizational strategies are also woven through health education.

Performing Arts is offered to all students at The Bridge Academy and is designed to provide an introduction to the fundamentals of drama. Student performances include set design and props that are envisioned and created by the students.

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