November 14
Parent Teacher Conferences - 1:15 dismissal
November 15
Parent Teacher Conferences - 1:15 dismissal
November 16
Parent Teacher Conferences - 1:15 dismissal
November 22
School Closed - Thanksgiving
November 23
School Closed - Thanksgiving
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Related Services

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Related services available to our students based on their IEP include speech-language pathology, counseling and occupational therapy. These support services assist our students in learning more effectively. The specialists work closely with the student's classroom teachers to ensure reinforcement of strategies and generalization of skills.

Speech and language services at the Bridge Academy are provided through a variety of service delivery models. The philosophy of speech and language therapy at the Bridge Academy is to fill gaps in speech, language and learning skills where possible, and to provide means of compensation when necessary. Research has shown that efficacy of treatment is greatest when: 1) students learn skills in the environment in which they need to be applied, and 2) students are directly taught how and when to apply strategies. Therefore, the majority of students who participate in speech and language therapy do so through the Integrative Services Model. This model explicitly addresses the skill development, application and maintenance phases of therapy. Integrative services include consultation with classroom teachers; speech, language and learning support within the classroom; and direct skill training outside the classroom. The type of service that is provided to an individual student may vary within a given school year, depending on changes in student development and curriculum demands. Heavy emphasis is placed on assessment and remediation of planning and organizational skills, as these are essential for success in all classroom settings.

Self-advocacy and problem solving are ongoing focuses of our counseling services. Counseling supports the student's development socially, emotionally and academically. As part of the counseling services, The Bridge Academy school counselor contacts district case mangers to assist them in including students in a variety of district sponsored events, clubs and sports.

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