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A Day In The Life

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In the words of our students:

The Bridge Academy

            The Bridge Academy is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and my peers. The way these outstanding teachers teach is just beyond what you can imagine. They have gone so far out of their way to help us, but if you ask them they will tell you they are just doing their job. The Bridge Academy puts my peers and me in small groups for more one on one teaching. All the teachers have had some type of learning in the Orton Gillingham Approach. Getting individual help is just awesome, I learn more and that’s what it is all about. Having a learning disability is hard but getting taught one on one or four students to one teacher is the best way to learn. Public schools would throw us all in resource room where we still don’t get help just easier work or more time to do the work.

            Bridge teaches more then Academics, they also teach us to never give up, to believe in yourself and you can do anything you put your mind to. The school has personally brought my hopes and dreams up. The school is just outstanding. Everything about it is great. Being 15 years old, people still make fun of me, but this school has made it so I am open and don’t care what someone says about my disability. The Bridge Academy is outstanding, nothing can top the way we learn here. From the lovely women in the office, amazing teachers in the class room, and our great principal walking all around I want to thank you and say I love you. 



What is different from other schools I’ve been to……

               Before I came to The Bridge Academy I had teachers at my old school that would care about my education but not as many as they do now. My teachers in my old school sometimes would give our class their work and then go sit down at the table and read a newspaper or sometimes I would have students in my class that would disturb the class and we would never get any work done. Many things about The Bridge Academy are different and better compared to my old school such as my teachers. Coming to The Bridge was hard because I did not want to leave my old friends and my school was closer to home. I also didn’t want to come to a new school where I would have to start all over and I thought people were not going to like me. My mom taught me that true friends will always care about you and be in your life.            
            At my old school, my Principal would stay in her office, and now I see my Principal every day. She comes and sits in my classes to see the new things that we are learning. When teaching a lesson, my teachers teach it in a way that I will be able to understand and remember the information. At The Bridge, all of my teachers would give up their free period to help me with school work or even a problem that I may have.
            My first day at The Bridge Academy was a little different than I thought. I came to a school and everyone was so friendly. I met many new people, I even met a few people that I used to go to school with. It is like home away from home. My favorite class would be art. Most of my classes are smaller but art would be the biggest class that I have in the smallest room. I love my art class a lot but I would really love to have a bigger class. I look forward to coming to school, and learning something new every day.  I never liked to read out loud, but now I am much more comfortable with it. The Bridge is a place to be able to come and learn

            I can be myself around the new friends that I have made.Who would not want to come to a school where you can be yourself and not be teased or made fun of because of the way you learn? This school year would probably be the best one that I have ever had. I believe that I have changed a lot from last school year to now. I come home every day and explain to my mom how well my school day has gone and I never leave out any details. I am glad my mom has fought so hard to get me in The Bridge Academy. The only thing about our school that I would love to change is the amount of space that we have here.



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