November 22
School Closed - Thanksgiving
November 23
School Closed - Thanksgiving
December 21
Early Dismissal - 1:15 pm
December 24
School Closed - Holiday Break
December 25
School Closed - Holiday Break
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About Us

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The Bridge Academy was founded in September 2003 to help students with learning disabilities bridge the gap between potential and performance. Whether of average or above-average intelligence, our students all have learning disabilities that have impeded their ability to succeed in a traditional school setting.

To address their needs, we have strived to create an environment that is uniquely student-centered-one which empowers students to succeed beyond our doors. Founded by parents, educational professionals and members of the community, The Bridge Academy is staffed by highly trained educators and professionals who provide a comprehensive, effective program in a nurturing, homelike environment.

The focus of the Bridge Academy organization is on the students and our goal is both to remediate student weaknesses and encourage independent learning strategies. With a culturally and economically diverse student population, the Bridge Academy strives to foster a culture of respect throughout the school.

We use positive behavior modification methods and a multigenerational approach. Older students serve as role models and mentors for younger ones. With a 3:1 student-to-staff ratio, our curriculum is tailored to meet the specific needs, learning style and Individual Education Program (IEP) of each student enrolled.

The Bridge Academy is a private school certified by the New Jersey Department of Education. All content areas are aligned with the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards. This helps our students prepare for successful transition back to district public schools or other private schools. The Bridge Academy is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit corporation.

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